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3 routes to market for launching your app

Developing an app is just half the story! The hard work continues when you have to build awareness about the app you developed. You can build an app to launch using A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. A rout to market refers to the strategy and work you put in to sell your app to the target audience you’ve selected. It’s vital to determine a way for your target audience to reach and download your app. Here are some stages to go through when deciding the route to market your app. develop your app here on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

Market Research

This stage is extremely important to know who you target audience is before you start investing in marketing the app you develop. Market research will help you observe competing apps and what routes they use which you can also implement in your advertising with your own twist. Choosing a target audience will help you be more focused on their likes and dislikes, making your work easier since you know who you want to attract towards your app. This should be your first step even before developing your app so you have good idea about the people you want to download your app. Start building your app now on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

mobile app development Dubai

Getting People to Notice Your App on App Stores

It’s difficult to reach your audience and new customers without getting noticed by them on the platform they browse on. You’d have to work on your app ranking to have higher chances of being noticed. Your title, description, icon and sample screenshots need to be presented on the app store to allow people to explore and decide whether they’d want to download the app. The icon is the first thing people notice while browsing, and this is the first step to grabbing attention to reel them into exploring the details further. Work on these aspects and start marketing your app after developing your app which you can build using mobile app development Dubai.

Promo Videos

Videos have become a huge attraction or people. Promo videos are found on several platforms that people are usually spending time on for example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Reaching your target audience is easier through these popular platforms. After developing your app, using mobile app development Dubai, you can start focusing on making promo videos. These videos can be screenshots or a sneak peak on how to use the app. unleash your creativity and persuade people into trying out your app through promo videos.


Developers invest a lot of time in working an building a good app, people love to appreciate the effort and are likely to follow the process of development for a lot of apps. Using mobile app development Dubai, you can start building a great app and you can share the experience with others interested through keeping a blog.

Good Word of Mouth

A positive review is the best way to reach your target audience and have the name of your app become popular if they like it enough. Influencers have taken the world by storm, it’s important to reach your target audience through relevant influencers, pages or blogs. Follow A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai for more guidance.

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