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How do you become an informed customer?

An informed consumer is the dream of any employee in sales or services. An informed client, with knowledge and experience, makes working with him easier and faster, he always knows what he wants and what needs to be done. An informed customer does not have to be asked about many things, often obvious (from the seller’s point of view). However, in terms of desire, employees are prone to misconceptions, false confidences, and lose opportunities to provide quality services.

A well-informed customer will have a confident attitude that motivates him to buy more

The current consumer is a more informed customer, with more experience and awareness of his rights. Qualities that determine him to be more demanding with the company, looking for excellence in treatment, product, or brand relationship. Consumers have ceased to be taxpayers if they played only a receptive role, to be more active by taking control of their decisions, expressing themselves freely, and asking based on their interests.

We need to recognize that we are dealing with a more informed consumer, who crosses information, consults look for options, recognizes benefits, evaluates features, and most importantly, compares and then makes the final decision. And this dynamic is not only achieved when purchasing a new product or service but is ongoing to make sure you have the best option in a changing market.

Research! What you need to know before shopping online

Today, social networks are used to create online stores that sell almost any product, sometimes at a reduced price. When a buyer orders a product through these online stores, criminals make the purchase – often very expensive – through cards whose data is stolen/counterfeited (compromised). Compromised card data is often purchased from the “hidden” internet (dark web – websites not indexed by the usual search engines) and was initially obtained following a fishing or malware attack. When making online purchases, victims may not realize that their card details are also stolen and then resold to people who are prone to cybercrime. Finally, it is the banks and traders who suffer the losses of this fraudulent activity, which amounts to billions of euros globally every year.

Several security rules can be adopted to prevent online fraud:

  • Check that the device you use to make online purchases is set up properly and your internet connection is secure;
  • Using a card is a secure way to pay in online commerce as long as you take the same precautions as in other types of purchases;
  • Some clues help you identify fraud. If you are the victim of online fraud, report it to the police. If you purchased the product with a credit or debit card, please notify the issuing bank;
  • Check your internet banking service constantly. Notify the issuing bank immediately if you notice any payments or withdrawals that you have not made.

Make a list, look for options and only then buy what you need.

I suggest you make a list of all the products you need, so you know how to find exactly what you need. Don’t replace products that are still functional and buy products that you really can’t do without, if you have managed without a miracle pot for so long, it may not be an emergency to buy it.